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Light and Knowledge

In June we will celebrated 36 years since the '78 revelation that put an end to the priesthood ban. There are many opinions on why there was a ban, most of them wrong. Fortunately, there is light.

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A website for Black Latter-day Saints, their familes and friends

Presidency Message

Genesis Group Presidency

The current Presidency has been serving since August 2003. As we bring the first quarter of the year to a close we will once again be favored with a message from 1st Counselor Orin Howell*

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Genesis Fireside and Choir

You asked for it, here it is! Want to know about the upcoming fireside speakers?

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Choir and Gospel Song of Praise.

The choir has been raising the roof making a joyful noise. Show up at 6:00 PM and add your voice. We also have a great tradition of singing a Gospel Song of Praise each month. Click the link below for information.

Song of Praise

Come Unto Me

As I sat in Sunday school today I thought of how the scriptures can be interpreted any way one wants to. The Book of Mormon is not just a record of historical events but a warning and guidance for latter day saints today. We are challenged to learn of the greed, disobedience and ways of God’s people and the manner in which God works. The prophets of old sacrificed their lives for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The events in Mosiah occurred before the coming of Christ, but are relevant today.

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Our experience; Ours is not a curse but a calling!

Ours is
Not a curse but a gift t’us,
The best path we could seek
A place where God can lift us
We kneel; our knees is weak...


Would you rather be the massa
Or the Roman with his whip?
Would you rather nail the Savior–
Put vinegar to his lip?

Or learn the lessons of sufferin’–
How we nothin’ without grace.
Jesus, He give us a callin’
He gifted us our race.


From the play "I am Jane" by Margaret Blair Young

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Share the Gospel:

What's happening in your area? Do you have news you'd like to share?. Do you have talents you'd like to share? Regardless of where in the world you may be we can all contribute to the missionary efforts of the church. This could be an opportunity for you to use your talents to help us share the gospel message with people the world over. Your own story could well be just what someone half a world away needs to hear.

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